Media Kit

*** Television Appearance Samples ***

Channel 4 Network TV News Appearance Promoting Gilds’a Club Workshop

Short promo on local news station February 19th for the upcoming Gilda’s Club Workshop “Replacing Fear with Hope” on Wednesday February 23rdh at the Jewish Community Center in Milwaukee.

National Network Lifetime TV Expert Guest Appearance

September, part of the Expert Authors program for personal development. See full 6 minute appearance here.

*** Radio Appearance Samples ***

Guest Appearance on “Money Sense” on WISN Radio in Milwaukee May 15th, 2010

*** Published Articles Examples ***

Article published in “In Touch” Newsletter for Ellenbecker Investment Group, Pewaukee, WI, Article on Shifting Your Mood. See page 6 of the pdf under this link.

*** Interview Questions Samples ***

What inspired you to write this book?

Why did you leave traditional medicine?

What if the core principle that stands behind your work?

Do you do individual work with patients or clients as well?

How does the 37 Day program actually work?

Do you have any evidence that it does work?

What is your upcoming appearance schedule?

*** Logos and Graphics ***

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