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Learn More About Dr. Rick Schaefer and Discover His Unique Approach to Practicing Medicine

Dr. Rick Schaefer has 29 years experience in medicine and has treated tens of thousands of patients. He’s started three outpatient surgery centers and two pain clinics in southeastern Wisconsin. He’s the past President of the Milwaukee Society of Anesthesiologists, has taught at the Medical College of Wisconsin, has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, and has appeared as a guest expert on WISN radio in Milwaukee, WIND radio in Chicago, and the Lifetime Channel on national television. He’s the author of Extreme Thought Makeover… 37 Days to Maximum Life!, founder and creator of Knee Specialists of Wisconsin, winner of GKIC’s Marketer of the Year, and “Chief Experience Officer” at The Lite Effect.


How To Build A Million-Dollar-A-Month Practice In 24 Minutes

Revealed is Dr. Rick’s formula that gives independent medical practices the power to command premium prices, create unforgettable patient experiences, and gain immunity from this “bad” economy.

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