Coaching Calls - I am available to work with you one-on-one by way of 20 minute coaching calls. We can do this by way of a phone call anywhere on the planet. If you have a question about your life that you really want to address, we can discuss it. As you reflect, you usually find that there are one or two things in your life that you really feel if you could get them to change, you could really be happy. I am happy to help.

“From Success to Significance” Monthly Coaching Program - You are welcome to join my monthly coaching program with a unique focus each month. We will focus on one critically important idea throughout the month, with daily exercises, a monthly launch focus Tele-Seminar, and a monthly conference call to cover focus-related questions from members submitted by email.  There is also a monthly audio CD mailed to you, and other special offers and surprises each month.

The Big Ten Week Intensive Care Program - I offer my ultimate Makeover package through a ten week program that includes twelve personal coaching calls, daily emails, and about 18-28 minutes of homework every other day.