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Get a Gehind-the-Scenes Look into Rick’s Evolutionary Method of Patient Care and Practice Management

Dr. Rick’s winning formula was the one he used for Knee Specialists of Wisconsin: his most recent startup which he took from $34,000 to $1,100,000 a-month in less than a year.

Rick designed Knee Specialists of Wisconsin from the ground up with one idea in mind: change the game of medicine forever. It was this driving passion that led to Rick creating the best patient experience in medicine.

Now, Rick’s new passion is taking the nationally recognized formula from his prototype practice and implementing it for independent docs nationwide.

MilkieI outsourced my whole front end to Dr. Rick, and was a huge ROI

My name is Dr. Chris Milkie and I am one of the owners of Milwaukee Foot Specialists and have been in practice for 22 years. We have four offices in the Milwaukee area, and specialize in comprehensive care of the foot and ankle.

We decided to launch a new niche practice treating toenail fungus with laser. The challenge was that we had no experience asking patients for money… everything was insurance business prior to that. We needed to ask for over $1,000 for treatment, and at a time when the economy wasn’t very strong. Our staff had no idea how to handle these conversations, so I hired Dr. Rick to handle the whole front end.

Basically I placed the advertising, and then Dr. Rick handled everything and the patients appeared on my schedule. Rick trained his call center staff to follow a script specifically for these patients. The operators answered the calls as though they were right here in the office, and were very effective. In addition, they had a program for the “maybe’s.” Patients who couldn’t commit got a brochure in the mail, and then three follow up greeting cards and two follow up phone calls all within the first six weeks of answering the newspaper or radio ads.

The conversion rate was very high, and Rick’s staff was able to focus 100% on these new patient calls where the receptionists at my desk had so many distractions. The follow-up campaign for the “undecided prospects” was also very cost effective. It was so great outsourcing to Dr. Rick and knowing that I was getting maximum return on my advertising budget.
- Dr. Chris Milkie

2-day Immersion Clinic Discovery Day

You will receive a behind-the-scenes look into my Practice Evolutionary Method of Patient Care and Practice Management.

It’s true. Times are changing, government, insurance, hospitals, healthcare in general. And it has long been my mission to do something about it. To protect BOTH the independent Physician, the Private Practice Doctor and the patients they serve. I have done that and found a way to make you rich in the process without ever sacrificing quality of care or your relationship with your patients. The crazy part about it is, what you are about to discover will give you complete liberation from your practice allowing you the autonomy to do whatever it is you want. Including but not limited to practicing medicine.

If you are serious about your career, about your practice and your patients, and I assume you are, then you will do whatever it takes to come and visit me and give me the pleasure and privilege of walking you through my Practice Profits System and personally shaking your hand and handing you the key to the most lucrative and successful way to grow your practice, get rich, and become the celebrity practitioner in your area without sacrificing lifestyle or bottom line, you are about to enter the zero competition world that I live it.

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