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Here are the added resources for Dr. Rick Schaefer’s book, Extreme Thought Makeover… 37 Days to Maximum Life!. This resource page will match the references in the book to additional material and recommendations. Be sure to order the book first on our website.

For all of you who are reading Extreme Thought Makeover… 37 Days to Maximum Life!, thank you. You will notice many references in the book to additional material and recommendations. The links here are intended to complete the cycle, so that you may obtain all the necessary resources to complete each lesson in the book fully.

Excerpts   Here is more information from the book, including About the Author, the Abstract, the Introduction, the Foreword by Anthony Dallman-Jones, Ph.D., Praise from customers, and the Table of Contents.

Day 0   Links to funny videos online.

Day 2   An “appreciation wristband” to trigger thoughts of appreciation.  More Info.  Order Now.

Day 3   A list of my personal favorite audiobooks to listen to again and again.

Day 5   I recommend sending out one greeting card or thank you card completely unexpectedly, and I refer to an online card-sending service called SendOutCards. Here is more information.

Day 9   Positive Affirmations around the house:  “Where You Are Is Just Fine” refrigerator magnet.  More info.  Order Now.

Day 14   I recommend sending yourself a check in the mail and depositing it into your checking account. We created a nifty service that actually will mail you a “Check from the Universe” called Send Out Checks.

Day 17   Humanism over Nationalism, “Bless Humanity” mugs.  More info.  Order Now.

Workbook   To receive pdf’s of the forms mentioned in the book, send a request by using the Contact Me link in the upper menu.

Recommendations   For Recommended Reading and for other Recommended Resources.

Buy the Book   Here is a link to buy an additional copy of the book.

Resellers   If you are a reseller, and want to get the 40% discount for resellers (minimum 3 books), click here.  The wholesale discount will be calculated automatically on orders of three or more.