About Dr. Rick

Rick Schaefer M.D. is an established author and has many articles published on the web.  He is also the author of the Online Training Program:  Extreme Thought Makeover… 37 Days to Maximum Life!  This program is available via the link at the left.  Rick has 19 years experience as a physician in the operating room and running a pain clinic, and has 12 years experience studying personal development, success, and the law of attraction.  He has been President of the Anesthesia Society, has taught at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on National Public Radio, and been a featured speaker at regional and national success seminars.  He is currently a partner consultant to eLocalBiz Marketing and the Medical Director of Clear Nail Institute.

Mission Statement: My mission is to help you feel a little better and more hopeful by offering specific tools to help improve your life through the transformation of your thoughts. I also aspire to help those who want to go deeper feel massively better by using more personalized and in-depth methods.

Personal message from Dr. Rick: I have been on a journey from success to significance for 12 years now.  It started when I was in full-time anesthesiology (gas-passing) practice, and providing drugs and injections for people with chronic pain problems.  I noticed that after years they were coming back with the same problem or with other problems, and I realized that I really wasn’t helping them is any long-term way.

This opened my eyes to the fact that there was more to health, something greater, something inside!  I really craved helping people in a more significant way.  At the same time I was bored by simply making money working, and I craved a career model where my income was not by trading time for money or by performing a task for money.  And I especially wanted a career where I could make income not through competition, but through creation.

I also really craved more passion about everything in my life.  I started writing and defining my life mission statement, and re-defining it and re-defining it!  This is what let me to writing 37 Days to Maximum Life!  I realized that it was only through life experience that I truly learned.  I traveled many many paths, some helped me define more clearly what I wanted, and some help to clarify what I did not want.  I read and I read and I watched movies and I listened to audio books and lectures, and I attended conferences and seminars.

Ultimately it was not words, but life experience that was my greatest teacher.  i would like to share with you my mastermind group:  Leo Buscaglia, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks, Jesus, Elnora “Granny” Schaefer, my kids Katie, Betsy, and James,  and each living person I have come in contact with … especially the 10 year olds!   I really believe 10-year-old wisdom beats PhD. wisdom every time!

Please enjoy all the resources here.