What You Think Is What You See

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What You Think Is What You See

Do you realize your thoughts impact how you see things. I have a great story to share from the ETM Book Review Conference Call Monday evening.

One of the listeners (I will call her Mary) had been through a Weight Watchers weight loss program and had successfully lost 30 pounds. She was walking through a shopping mall with her husband when out of the corner of her eye she spotted a woman.

Mary said to her husband, “Look over there. There’s a woman wearing the same dress as me and she looks better in it than I do.” Her husband responded, “That is your reflection. That is YOU who looks so good in that dress!”

Apparently Mary’s self-image had not caught up with her new 30-pound-lighter body. Isn’t that fascinating. It shows that we can in our minds see ourselves any way we choose… lighter, heavier, more muscular, more sexy, less beautiful, more beautiful.

I suggest you choose more beautiful. Chances are there are people on the planet that see you as beautiful. Why not match your perspective to theirs. It is a nicer feeling thought. Enjoy it. Then practice it, over and over. It is a wonderful feeling to be accepting and loving of your physical form.

If you would like help in getting started, see Day 13, Self Love II, Admire a Body Part from my bookExtreme Thought Makeover: 37 Days to Maximum Life. It is available to order on this website under the Home Link above.

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