Only If They Ask…

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If you are reading this email, you probably are a teacher. You clearly want to grow and expand for yourself, and although you may not realize it, you probably want that for others around you as well.

As coaches and teachers, we so much want to help people.

We hear them mention something and we really want to share with them what wisdom we have gained with regards to that subject.  We share all we know, and try to get them to commit to following our recommended plan for them.  Funny, many times they are really not interested in doing that.

You know, sometimes they are telling us personal things from their lives just to be able to share it.  Or, they may simply want us to agree with them.

I can share with you an amazing tip on how to tell if someone you know wants your help with something in their life.  Are you ready?  Here it is:   “They will ask!”

I know, it sounds so subtle and complicated.  But it really happens just this way.  We as coaches and teachers may not help people answer anything for themselves unless they are asking.  In addition, they need to be within a baby step of our answer.  Most of us want to grow, expand, and evolve.  But it all happens in baby steps.  We can only take the next logical step, the baby step, on any journey.  And that step must be within reach of where we are right now.

So, in summary, it comes down to two things:  One, they must be asking, and two, they must be within reach of our answer.

Enjoy all of this, be easy about it, relax, and don’t waste your time trying to coach someone who is not asking for your help.  You know the smartest, wisest, most evolved and expanded individuals we know really don’t push their ideas or their recommendations on us.  Be the same. Just relax and observe, and then help when you are invited.

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