Do You Want a Magical Life? Simply Give It to Yourself

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Do You Want a Magical Life? Simply Give It to Yourself

It seems hard to believe that a little bit more self-love every day can add up to a life filled with the magic of happiness, but it works.  And it is perfectly magical!

Giving yourself love is really easy to do once you understand what it is and then get the hang of it.  So, what is it anyway?  It is making the effort to put your attention on things that please you for the simple reason of feeling that pleasure.  It is not complicated and anyone can do it.  It is a CHOICE.  It is choice that a person makes because they value themselves and know that they deserve to make that choice.

Magically enough, their sense of personal value will increase by practicing this each day.

The opportunity to put your attention on things that please you arises in nearly every moment of every day.  For instance, if you happen to pass by some flowers, taking a moment to stop and admire the color or the shape of the petals is an opportunity.   So is delighting in the fragrance of the flower.  Noticing that this creation is truly a miracle of nature is also an opportunity.  By allowing yourself to fully feel this appreciation through focusing solely on those flowers, you are giving yourself a wonderful gift and committing an act of self love.

You can carve out time on a regular and frequent basis to gift yourself with something that feels good to you.  Perhaps it is a chat on the phone with a dear friend, or going out for ice cream with your daughter, or having a nap on a rainy day.  The idea is to do something good for yourself and acknowledge that you deserve to have it.

Another example is taking a situation when you are commonly irritated and changing your reaction so that you are not feeling that irritation.  Many people find themselves in that feeling when they are driving and another driver behaves inconsiderately.  If you can relate to this, the next time that this happens take a quick second before you allow yourself to become flooded with irritated emotions and find a way to think differently about the other driver.  Remind yourself that they may be going through something that you are completely unaware of, such as being late for an important meeting, and allow your feeling of compassion to flow to that person.  That is truly an act of self love!  It doesn’t matter if it is the truth or not, the only thing that matters is that you find a way to help your own self feel better.

This is a habit that can be easy to establish and will bring more fun and joy into your life.  All it takes is being consciously aware that you deserve to feel these good feelings all of the time, and then giving yourself the experiences.  Use your imagination as often as you can and it will provide you with ideas of things to do.  The possibilities are endless!  As you do this more and more often you will discover that your days have begun to feel the magic of feeling happy all of the time.

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