Your Daily Focus: Trust

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Trust. What an intriguing concept. What is it exactly, and how is it defined?

Can you trust someone based on what they say? “Trust me, I wouldn’t hurt you.” It’s nice to hear those words, but is it enough? Can you trust someone based on what they do? Can you research all of their past history and see if they have been true to their word? Can you trust someone based on the look in their eyes? If you see deeply into them and feel safe, is that enough?

Well, which one is it? Or is it a combination of all three? Who cares! It’s really more about how you feel about it that matters.

Remember I always harp on how there are 7 billion people in this world, and therefore 7 billion perspectives? Well, that is true here too. There are 7 billion different interpretations and perceptions about trust. It doesn’t matter how anyone else defines it, or what the majority of people believe. It only matters how it feels to you.

Follow your heart on this one. Trust when it feels good to trust. Don’t trust when it feels good not to trust. Focus on the feeling in each case, and choose in each circumstance according to which choice feels stronger in relief. You know the feeling of relief. It’s like, “Ahhhhhhh,” and “Mmmmm, that feels a little better right now.”

The bottom line is that it is not about making the right decision. It is not about trusting when there is no chance of betrayal. It is not about not trusting in cases when there turns out to be no risk. It is about love. Choose love for yourself, and don’t worry about the other person. Whatever they do at any point in the future is of no concern to you. What you do is what truly matters. Choose for yourself.

You are safe; no one can truly hurt you. You can heal from any injury.

So let it all go. Don’t worry about whether you can trust another. Simply trust yourself! Oh, and choose love.



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