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Effective communication depends upon many things, and is quite a challenge for most of us.  It is also truly invaluable in business today.  To run a successful company you certainly need your people to be able to express themselves clearly, and to be able to listen effectively to truly hear what others are intending.

At the same time, there are schools of thought in business that teach efficiency by putting the following policy in place:  don’t meet in person if you can use the phone, don’t call when you can email, and don’t email when you can use the company project management software.

I believe this is the exact opposite of what we want to accomplish: effective communication in business.  First, consider all the barriers that stand in the way of effective communication.

Each of us perceives the world and interpret it differently. Each of us, all 6.8 billion, has different experiences, cultures, sets of morals, religious beliefs, languages, dialects, childhood upbringing, education, and basically just different life experiences every day.  We use all of that life experience to interpret the world in this moment.  That gives us 6.8 billion separate emotional interpretations of each moment that humanity experiences.

Obviously, no one thinks exactly the same way you do!

Each of us also has different receptors of the world.  No one sees color exactly the same as anyone else with our seven million cones per eye.  No one hears sounds exactly the same as anyone else with the three thousand cochlear hairs cells in our inner ear.  No one tastes, or smells, or feels touch exactly the same with our millions of receptors.  And of course, no one has the exact same “sixth sense” as anyone else either.

Wow, it sounds almost impossible to have effective communication, doesn’t it? Acknowledging the challenge is the first step. Here’s a great second step: listen.

Listen. Ask. Listen. Ask some more. Listen some more.

Try it today.



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