Your Daily Focus: Greeting

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One of the greatest inventions of all time is Dogs!  Think about it.  You can run into any dog on the planet, a total stranger to you, and they act as though they are your best friend and haven’t seen you for 2 years.

Total surprise, total joy, dancing around completely overwhelmed with energy.  They jump, they dance, they wag their tails, they hug you and lick you and can barely contain themselves.

Think about how this feels. In return, you can hardly contain yourself either.  You reach out, pet, hug, love, kiss, and dance.  Wow, what a display of affection and love. Dogs are the perfect demonstration of the Law of Attraction. They emanate nothing but positive energy and enthusiasm and love, and thus in turn, they attract it back.  They are the perfect example of allowing their inner being to flow out into the physical world at all times… nothing but love and affection for all.

I love this idea.  Let’s try to allow the true energy of our inner being to flow out into the physical world, with nothing but love and affection for all.  Here’s the key:  for all.  For you, for me, for them, for we, for he, for she, for everyone, including (and here’s the key) for ourselves!

Let’s try an experiment. The next time you see someone, pretend it is your best friend in the whole world and you haven’t seen them for two years.  Jump, dance, wag, lick, love, hug, and kiss.  Let’s see what happens!  I call this the “Puppy Dog Greeting.”

You know, if only one of us does it it’ll appear weird.  If ten of us do it, it’ll appear to be a “movement.”  If we all do it, it’ll change the world forever!



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