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Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I was reminded by a friend that we in the United States (and Canada) are lucky to have holidays that revolve around thankfulness. As I was drenching myself in the energy of this day, I found myself lost in appreciation rather than gratitude or thankfulness. I will explain the difference I perceive later.

As I was thinking of all the things I am thankful for, I found myself thinking more of the challenges I went through this year. I launched a new business in the Knee Clinic this year in June. This was a huge time and attention commitment for me all year long, and was associated with huge emotional challenges as well. This also afforded me the opportunity to build relationships with many new people, all of who have goals and priorities of their own.

My father passed on in April, and I spent weeks dealing with the estate issues and preparing his home for sale. I had gallstone pancreatitis, which had me sick for a week and in recovery for weeks after. Oh, and I moved my home during the year as well.

My father’s passing had a particularly strong energy with me yesterday. Because my kids spend Thanksgiving Day with their Mom, and because my own Mom passed ten years ago, my Dad and I have a ten-year tradition of going to Boston Market together to share a turkey dinner.

The loss of this tradition really changed the day for me. I noticed when I was feeling his absence I would drift to appreciation, not loss. I would replay the many adventures we had, and even the simple things like sitting together in his living room quietly, reading, or watching the Red Green show together on Thursdays.

The more I drifted to appreciation the more I noticed that this is different from thankfulness. Thankfulness and gratitude seem to me to have a smidgeon of judgment in them. We typically cite all the positive things and people in our lives on our Thanksgiving Day list. But I found myself reflecting on the challenges that faced me this year, and was really finding appreciation in all of that.

I then drifted to appreciation of our planet and the Universe being just the way it is… perfect. It offers perfect opportunities constantly for us to live a full life, enjoying the dichotomy of our physical existence. Emotional ups and downs that serve to entertain us and shape us. There are constant shifts in our own personal world of emotions, finance, health, fitness, inspiration, and relationships. Each offers us the exciting rollercoaster ride of human existence.

So, at this time of Thanksgiving here in the United States, I offer my thanks for you. Whether you think I am a genius or am full of baloney, whether you are wishing to help me on my quests or hinder me, whether you are inspiring me or deflating me, whether you are wishing me to succeed or fail, and whether you are a Green Bay Packer fan or a Detroit Lion fan… I appreciate YOU!!!



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