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I would like to expand on the Daily Focus “Greeting” from yesterday.

What is the power of eye contact? The greeting is so much about eye contact. Locking on to the eyes is so much more powerful than a glance.

Think about entering a retail store and being greeted by someone who is working on a project. They glance up and say “Hi” and then just as soon as you are feeling the energy of the greeting and enjoying the attention they are giving you and are ready to respond and engage in a conversation, they look away and get back to their work.

The feeling you are left with is empty, as though you are invisible. It is sometimes an emptier feeling than if they hadn’t noticed in the first place. I would recommend you think of this very carefully, and be very conscious of not looking away when someone is engaging your view.

This is such a simple technique to really make a difference in someone’s life. And like all good and trueLaw of Attraction techniques, it feels good to do it too. What you give out is returned to you many fold. Enjoy it. Play with it.

Everyone loves to be seen and be heard. The next time you greet someone, do it like you haven’t seen an old friend for years, and lock on your eye contact and don’t let go. They’ll notice. It’ll probably freak them out and make them nervous, but in a good way. You will have made them feel like the complete center of your attention, and they will really like it. That feeling will probably carry with them for hours.



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