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Sometimes the deepest insights into ourselves and others can come from the simplest places. We need simply to pay attention.

If you have not answered the four questions from yesterday’s Daily Focus, please go back and do it before you read this post. Yesterday’s Focus is called “Colored Animals” and can be found at

Here is the interpretation of your four answers from yesterday. You should have your answers to the four questions on paper in front of you. Here we go:

The color represents how you see yourself. What is your essence, as you see it from your personal view point. It actually does not matter what color you have chosen, it is simply the descriptive words that you chose that reveal the truth of your self-image.

If you chose blue, it might represent warm and comfortable to you, or strong and powerful, or easy and “goes with everything,” or vibrant and stimulating, or independent and self-sufficient. It is the description that provides the insight to your self-image.

The animal represents how you desire others to see you. These are the characteristics that you want others to see in you, and admire in you. It is not the animal, but the descriptive terms you chose to go with the animal. You might choose a cheetah because they are strong and fierce, or sleek and athletic, or graceful and delicate, or nurturing and playful.

Again, many of us pick the same animal, like a dog or cat or dolphin or deer, but our descriptive terms will always be the revealing factor. Understanding how another person sees themself and desires to be seen by others can be extraordinarily helpful in our dealing with them.

Treating others in the way they desire to be treated is far more helpful than treating them the way you would want to be treated. Think about that for a bit, it is extremely insightful.

Please share your findings with me and all the other readers by posting a comment below. We would all love to hear not only what your answers were, but what insight you may have learned about yourself and someone else.

Oh, by the way, I am a Yellow Penguin!



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