Your Daily Focus: Simplicities

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A breath. A kiss. Tiny fingers. Puppy licks. Hot coffee. Iced chai. Shoes. Warm sun. Cool breeze. Brown eyes. Friendship. Laughter. Do re mi. Puffy clouds. Smooth roads. Foreign languages. Smiling hearts. Knock-knock jokes. Fresh air. Fast horses. Creators. Auto seat warmers. Machu Picchu. Palm trees. Sunrises. Garlic bread. Short skirts. Brown skin. Red skin. Yellow skin. White skin. Autobahn. Redwood forests. Hot oatmeal. Brown sugar. Flannel jammies. Soft whispers. Painted toes. Comedians. A grandchild. Fragrant kitchen. The Notebook. Baseball. Dalai Lama. Mother Teresa. Harvest moon. Skidboot. Soft grass. Grandma hug. Corn on the cob. I love you. Sweet memories. Chocolate pudding. Pacific Ocean. Caribbean breezes. South Georgia Island. Arsenic and Old Lace. The Big Dipper. A hot shower. Apple. Reliable car mechanics. Alterra latte. A fragrant flower. New snowfall. Mail carriers. Comfy sweats. A warm welcome. A skateboarding dog. Green lights. Family traditions. Highways. We all are one.

My weekend was filled with many small moments of ecstasy. I found my ecstasy in the simple things, like sleeping in on Saturday to compensate for a long, busy week. It was a luxury. A bike ride through downtown Milwaukee helped me stretch my legs – magnificent, wonderfully functioning legs that take me everywhere I want to go. A blessed hot shower each day to care for my body and televised football games were gifts to me. Teasing my son James was a highlight, especially because he so good-naturedly tolerated me even though he was dog-tired. I’m anticipating joy in my day tomorrow as I prepare to care for others and also be surrounded by co-creators who are magnificent at being caregivers.

I could go on and on but instead I prefer to wallow in the feeling of appreciation that’s awakened in me. It’s found me in the simplest things, the smallest moments, and it’s so filled me up that I can feel nothing but that.  I like it!



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