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The best way to move forward in life is from a place of acceptance. I want you to know that in a time of divorce, where you are is just fine! I know this may be difficult to completely embrace right in this moment, but it will really help you if you can take one little baby step at a time toward this end of total acceptance.

So many times in life we look back on an event that we thought was a “bad thing” and it tuned out later to be a blessing in disguise. As an example, someone who makes a wrong turn when traveling, and accidentally discovers the greatest experience of the whole trip. Many times getting fired from a job is the perfect step toward your dream career, which you very well might not have taken if still in the job.

I know a woman who as a teen hurt her ankle and was forced to retire from playing competitive soccer. She subsequently took up golf, which turned out to be her life’s sporting passion. She might have never found it without the “fortune” of the injured ankle. And last but not least, how many great relationships do you know were started by accident, by a meeting in other than ideal circumstances.

It is very easy in hindsight to see the benefit that comes to us through times of struggle, or how a “bad thing” eventually turns out to be a “good thing.” The trick is to embrace that idea immediately, while still in the midst of the “bad thing.”

Let me share with you that this transition in your life with a divorce has the opportunity to open you up as a person to the spectacular energy that is currently hiding within you. I also contend that your kids will be alright, not only alright but they will later be able to identify that this experience was pivotal in making them as strong and wonderful as they will become.

I speak from the parenting side with personal experience. Each of my three kids have written essays that include the divorce experience as being a pivotal launching pad to their ultimate spectacular self-awareness.

It may not feel so great right in this moment, but please continue to work toward embracing the idea that “where you are is just fine.” Everything that came before is pivotal and essential to you being where you are and who you are in this very moment. This adds up to be the inspiration for you to become, expand and achieve things in your life that you can barely imagine at this point.

There are many great resources to guide you in achieving this new mindset. I’d love to help.

Oh, did I mention that where you are is just fine?



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