Your Daily Focus: Colored Animals

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Here’s a really fun way to gain insight into yourself and others. I would like you to play along with me and simply answer the following questions. So please grab a pen and paper and write down your answer to the following four questions:

What is your favorite color? Not for your clothing or for your car, or the walls of your living room, but simply your favorite. Let your answer be the color whose essence you like the most.

Now, choose three or four adjectives that describe that color. What is it about that color that you like. What does that color represent specifically to you?

What is your favorite animal? Not for a pet, but simply the one animal in all the animal kingdom that you admire most.

Now, again, choose three or four adjectives that describe that animal. What is it about your animal specifically that you like and admire. What is it that makes that animal special to you?

Okay, save your list. Tomorrow I will describe how to interpret your answers. You will gain insight to yourself.

If you can, share this quiz with others you know well or work with. It will provide great insights to better understanding them, and getting along better.

Have fun with it, and I will see you tomorrow with the amazing next step.



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