Your Daily Focus: Revenge

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When you feel completely powerless, plotting revenge can be the perfect answer.

Now I know for most of our mothers and teachers told us it’s not right to feel anger and revenge, and we were “shamed” for having those feelings. But there are times when fury and revenge is the only path back to joy.

Consider this: when someone behaves in a way as to make you feel completely powerless, as in a deep betrayal, you are likely to be teetering on despair. Powerlessness, despair, self-loathing… these are the lowest emotions we can feel, and are where suicidal tendencies live.

Any pathway that can bring you back to joy, or even indifference, is a good thing. Probably the easiest first step to feeling better is intense anger. Think about how total despair feels, and then compare it to fury. It is actually an empowering feeling to feel the intense anger.

Here’s the important thing, it is now possible to move from your place of anger to frustration, and from frustration to indifference, and from indifference to joy. Emotions can only move up toward bliss one step at a time.

So don’t scold yourself for feeling anger when you are down. It is better to be mad at someone else than to be mad at yourself. It is easier to move out of anger than it is despair.

So the next time you feel powerless at the hands of another’s betrayal, plot their demise! You will feel massively better. And it will be very unlikely that you will need to act on the vengeful plan, because anger will be within reach, and then frustration, and then indifference, and then of course joy.

Plus, you will get a great laugh when you are in joy and you are reflecting on how you got there… by plotting revenge!

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