Your Daily Focus: Bus Ticket

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Last Monday I met a gentleman from Detroit on the street outside a bike shop on the east side near Farwell and North. He asked for help finding the stop for the number 30 bus. I really enjoyed our conversation, partly because he wasn’t panhandling.

Well, I was absolutely no help, since I had just moved across town two days earlier. But it was cool to think that he was simply wandering, exploring, taking a walkabout so to speak.

Two days later I spotted him again, on a downtown freeway on-ramp with his thumb out, hoping to catch a ride.

Three days after that my son James and I were biking to the hardware store on Brady Street to buy a level to hang our white boards (of course), and we ran into him again! I said, “Hey Michigan, I saw you downtown hitching a ride this week, where’d you go?”

He said he was there hours and never got his intended ride. He had wanted to go to Madison (about 80 miles west) to visit his girlfriend. I mentioned the Badger Bus Line that runs almost every hour, but he said he lacked the funds.

After our successful stop at the hardware store, with the level sticking out of my backpack, I got the whim to hit the ATM to get some cash for my wandering friend, called the Badger bus to get rates and schedule, and headed back to the spot we last saw him.

He was nowhere in sight, but a bicycle cop had taken his place. Moments later he appeared walking toward us, and mentioned that the cop had encouraged him to “move on,” with a not-so-courteous” background check for warrants. I gave him the $20 and directions to the bus station, and after a couple fist-bumps with our Motor City friend we were on our way.

Fun story, eh? It’s neat how someone can reappear four times in a week into your experience.

Here’s the cool part: you know how the law of attraction always brings “like” energy into your experience? And you know how it is always said that what you give away is what will be returned to you, many fold?

Several hours later I found myself accompanying a friend to Chicago to visit her hospitalized mother. She decided to stay, so I offered to take the bus back to Milwaukee. She agreed, but only if she could pay for the $29 ticket.

Well I haven’t been on a bus for a couple years. And when I reflect on the whole experience it is just so intriguing how perfectly the Universe can return “like” energy. Within hours, a bus ticket gifted returned a bus ticket gifted. Wow!

Keep noticing, it is happening constantly in your life too.

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