Your Daily Focus: 6:24

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Is there anything else we really need in the world than for the sun to rise this morning?

6:24 a.m. That was the moment. That was the moment the sun, the source of life for our entire solar system peeked its glowing fiery head over the horizon.

My world here on the western shore of Lake Michigan was waking up. There was a beautiful orange-yellow glow in the eastern sky with some flaming-edged clouds above the lake on the eastern horizon. The clouds above me and to the west also had a flaming edge, although softer. They, along with the occasional jet plane looking to land had an earlier view of the sunrise.

The rest of us… me out on the terrace, the two cats peering out the second floor window above me, the joggers in the park, the drivers on Lincoln Memorial Drive heading to work at the hospital or other work destination, and the early-rising fishermen out on the lake… we all had to wait until precisely 6:24.

At that moment the first peek of the sun. It was a blinding wink from one of the most powerful energy sources known to man. A star!, no less.

The truly amazing thing is that because of our atmospheric gases and the refractory effect of the sun’s light bending over the horizon, at that moment a human can actually look directly into the sun.

You can see the precise shape as it reveals itself over the perfectly linear plane of the lake. You can see the perfect circle, and the flaming glow around it, all with the naked eye.

It is like looking directly into the eye of God. A true miracle of life. I got the strong feeling that all must be well and perfect in all the Universe.

6:24 a.m. Join me sometime.

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