Your Daily Focus: Jesus

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I got a text message from my good Jewish friend Ed in the DC area this week saying “Jesus is just all right!”

So how does that come to pass? I’ll explain. We were chatting on his cell while he was driving and he mentioned he was on his way to see the Doobie Brothers at Wolftrap. I wondered if Michael McDonald would be on stage, as he played a big role in the band the second half of the seventies.

Probably not, we concluded. Most likely it would be Pat Simmons and Tom Johnston playing many of the earlier albums’ hits… China Grove, Listen to the Music, Black Water… mostly guitar rock.

All of a sudden I had a song in my head so on a whim I said to Ed, “Remember, when you are there tonight, Jesus is just alright!” He laughed, and said he somehow had that song running through his head all day.

An hour later I got the text, “Opening song: Jesus is Just Alright!”

It’s really fun to follow those simple whims and promptings, even when you are not quite sure why. I think it’s also fun to notice the results. Be aware. Notice all the little synchronicities and coincidences that occur during the day. It’ll make you feel connected, aligned, and brilliant. It’ll make you feel like a genius!

So that’s how my good Jewish friend Ed in the D.C. area came to text me “Jesus is just all right!” It’s because we are connected, aligned, brilliant, and geniuses!

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