Your Daily Focus: Frolicking

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One of the most intelligent species on our planet, the dolphin, seems to have one purpose in life: frolicking! They swim and play like nobody’s business, and for some reason a lot of us want to do that with them. Go figure!

I think that what’s so interesting about it is that it’s so easy for us to feel that sense of play and freedom that the dolphins demonstrate. It’s like we’re all naturally programmed to be that way as our natural state. And think about it – most children would spend a lot of time frolicking in swimming pools if they could. Have you ever tried to get a kid out of a pool for food or rest? Yeah, it’s totally impossible.

Adults are the same way too, but we just don’t show it very much. We get caught up in being all serious, and making life out to be serious, and our responsibilities serious, and our health serious, and on and on. But deep down, we really just want to frolic! Isn’t that awesome? It’s really hopeful to us, because it’s a great reminder that we are fully capable of experiencing life through a playful perspective.

Oh, there’s one other thought. Somehow, dolphins also manage to get their “serious” activities done. They eat enough to nourish their bodies, they have babies and take very good care of them, and they communicate with each other. And they do it all while they’re frolicking and playing.

Wow. Maybe we could bring a sense of play into our activities too. I can imagine how much easier everything could be accomplished by doing that. Maybe we would be able to do our stuff without needing to feel like we have to accomplish something; we would just simply being doing it and having fun in the process. Maybe we could even be as smart as the dolphins are.  Now wouldn’t that be an awesome accomplishment!

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