Testimonial on Sinus Disease from Healing International

Posted by on Apr 3, 2011 in Testimonials & Praise | 0 comments

I wanted to include a testimonial from my post on Healing International. Vicki wrote something so in alignment with our concept, that I really wanted you to have it available. I heard from a lot of people on this particular concept, and all had investigated the deeper meaning and had resolved the disease or were amazed at the new insight and eager to work on it. Here’s the post comment:

Brilliant. I had a sinus infection several weeks ago. At the time my partner was being very negative and quite unpleasant but I wasn’t able to tell him how it made me feel. My friend suggested writing a letter and putting into words everything I needed to get out then just burning the letter and giving it to the Universe. Within two days my sinus was clear. Within a week my partner had stopped being negative.  - Vikki

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