Testimonial from recent Consultation on Sinus Disease “Cured!”

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I hope that you may find this interesting, and valuable. It can be applied to any sinus infection or abscess. if you are sufferering with this, think in this new form and find your answer (and cure.)

Rick, after reading this article, having our one-on-one coaching meeting this week and doing some major soul searching I found the problem that has been causing sinus problems for me as well. I just had 2 conversations that have been pent up inside me for a really longtime about some things that have been bothering me.

Needless to say, the conversations I were avoiding ending going very well and were very productive to squash any hard feelings that may have been lingering. Proof that it is better to deal with feelings sooner rather than later.

The really good news is my sinus infection is going away and I am feeling like my old self again. It is crazy how your messages show up in such a timely fashion.

Thanks for always putting it out there!  – Kevin

Here’s the link to the original article on Sinus Disease.

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