One more testimonial on the true cause of sinus disease.

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Here’s another amazing example of curing sinus disease… from the inside out!

Thanks for sharing this. I was employed with Hospice as a complimentary therapist. As I was helping patients so much with their transition process, I was getting more and more restricted by “the boss”. I was singled out so many times for petty things, and was rapidly loosing my confidence as a healer. I quit after a year and another round of getting “thrown under the bus”, but developed a nasty sinus infection that I couldn’t seem to shake.Started in my throat and moved right on up to my head. After 2 weeks of holistic’s I finailly kicked it. Then My ex boss took one of my customers, and the next day I got it again. I realize now from your news letter why, and I thank you for sharing.  - Lisa

Here’s a link to my original article.

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