Praise for Your Daily Focus from the Bronx

Posted by on Mar 18, 2011 in Testimonials & Praise | 0 comments

Happy Friday Rick!!!!!!!!

I get something from most of your messages.  A recent one “worry” talks about letting a situation go and stop worrying about the outcome, most likely it will be positive. That particular message runs deep with me as I am a worry wart, always have been.  Your message says to let go and I have slowly learned to do that in all situations in my life now whether with family or friends as well.  I have grown to believe that if something is meant for you its yours no matter what.
I am looking forward to receiving your book to read the wisdom in it and apply it to my life in whatever way I need to, it will make this journey all the more good knowing I do have support, even from afar.
Your positive energy brings up mine.
Carmen, Bronx, NY

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