Friday March 25th: Infinity Healing Center “A Mechanism to Move from Fear to Hope”

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I’d like to talk about moving from fear to hope, and I’d like to offer a specific

exercise as a mechanism to do it. We will spend the first 30 minutes each working
on a specific worry in our lives, and use the technique to create a path to carry
us to more hopefulness about it. This is something that we all will be able to
continue working on after our time together.
The last 45-60 minutes I’d like to use for open Q & A and allow people to bring
in ideas or issues of their own to share and work through with the group.
Our monthly Community Meeting for Extreme Thought Makeover comes up the fourth Friday of the month, on March 25th, 6:30-8:00, at Infinity Healing Center, 3305 N. 124th Street, Brookfield, WI 53005. Cost is “Love Offering.”

This is open to the public, and of course, there will be time for some open discussion and personal questions during the 90 minutes as well.

Please feel free to attend, and invite friends. It’s a chance to meet me, and to spend a little time in a discussion about what is on all our minds at this time.  It’ll be fun!

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