Finding New Love… Start Today!

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I would like to help you discover new love today.  Heightening self-love is the ideal pathway to loving others more. I am sure you have heard the phrase “You can’t give away what you don’t possess.” If you can increase the love you feel for yourself to a very high level, you will magnetically attract others who will match that feeling, in other words, they will be guided to loving you as well.

Loving others works nicely to attract others who will give love to you in return, but the magnetic attraction is far stronger when you have strong self-love, and their love of you can be a perfect match for the love you feel for yourself. I have included a simple exercise to help you do this.

Begin by writing a list of all of the things that you love about yourself. Take ten completely focused minutes and allow no interruptions. Once you get started, the positive energy will build and build until you become overwhelmed with the feeling of appreciation of self. This sense of self-appreciation is really an essential step leading to joy, and to loving others more fully. You already logically know that you cannot give away what you do not possess. Therefore, to love others well, you must first love yourself well. To be accepting of others, you must first be accepting of self. To admire, to care for, to nurture others … well, you get the idea.

So close the door, turn off the phone ringer, grab a pen and paper, and start writing. Start small, and build … and build … and build. Think about all of your great qualities and even physical attributes that you appreciate about yourself.

As examples, consider one of my personal Rampages of Self-Appreciation to get you going:

I love that I am bold and confident. I love that I can bench press 180. I love that I am a dog-lover. I love that I am a cat-lover. I love that I am not afraid of spiders. Or thunder. Or lightning. I love that I am such a good model for my kids with their future careers. I love the look of my forearms. I love that my mom taught me good table manners. I love that I can play “Lady Madonna” on the piano. I love that I have such a balanced view of money, and religion, and politics. I love that I know all the words to “Bennie and the Jets.” I love that I often act like a ten-year-old.

Have a blast with your Rampage! Now remember, on a daily basis, to write one positive personal attribute on paper to allow this loving feeling of self-appreciation to continue to grow and shift your attention within you.

If you are looking to find a new romance in your life, this is the one best pathway to find it. And it works to find the most compatible person as well. Finding new love… it always starts from within.

Which is greater, to love or to be loved? Resoundingly, it is a tie!


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