Brand New Coaching Program… Monthly Continuity for only $97!

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“From Success To Significance.” I have just today launched my new monthly continuity coaching program. It is packed full of information, inspiration, and activity to insure that the growth and expansion you desire in your life can be realized on a continuing basis. It is designed to help people move from good to great, to bust through the invisible ceiling that seems to cap the amount of success or expansion one might have. This program has been tested over a three year period, in over 40 countries.

It includes a daily email, daily action steps or exercises (usually 5-10 minutes), a monthly Focus Tele-Seminar to start each month, a monthly audio CD shipped to you, and a monthly Q & A conference call later in the month to review and discuss the results of the work being done.

This is a “What To Do” plan. It contains all the necessary steps to move toward positive thinking in every aspect of your life. the effectiveness is in the “every day” approach. It is the perfect step if you have read the book and need a little incentive to keep up with the daily workbook exercises. It is also a perfect step if you are simply READY to make a change in the outcomes of your endeavors in life… to truly move from good to great.

Plus, it’ll be fun!

All this for only $97 per month. You may Sign up here

p.s. unconditional guarantee:  this will work. If you do the program steps, and keep it going, you will bust through the invisible ceiling that holds you apart from greater success not only for your business and financial well-being, but also for your personal life. Oh yeah, and you can cancel anytime for any reason… just don’t ever quit on yourself!

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