Ask Doctor Rick, How Do I Visualize Clearly?

Posted by on Feb 20, 2011 in Ask Dr. Rick Q & A | 0 comments

Dear Dr. Rick,

I often visualize about a new job or relationship, however I am unable to develop strong feelings and vibrations. Maybe it’s because I don’t have that ideal relationship or job that I want.

Will you please advise how I can develp strong feelings when I visualize?

Thanks & regards, Sri Kayastha

Sri, there are two techniques I use. When making a decision, I choose the alternative with the greatest feeling of relief, and then I follow that.

Also, when I am visualizing, I do a lot of writing. I continue to modify and modify what I am visualizing until it becomes an undeniable “hell yes!!!”  That’s when i know I have it right. I feel “hell yes!!!” and am filled with inspiration. Try writing and modifying your job or relationship until it feels just right. Then it will be easy to visualize.

- Rick

p.s. oh, and be sure to visualize the feeling of it all, not the actual physical picture of it, but the feeling you will have with it.

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