Your Daily Focus: Mixed Messages

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Mixed messages will sabotage a good goal every time.

We have many habits of thought that stand in the way of our having what we consciously say we desire. One of the biggest of these is sending out mixed messages. Often we ask for something and put our attention on it, and then we shortly thereafter put our attention on the opposite. For instance, when we state, ”I want more money,” and then follow up with “because I don’t have enough money.” The two statements “more money” and “don’t have enough money” are opposing, and will cancel each other out. With that mixed message, we cannot manifest what we desire. God, spirit, the Angels, Divine Energy, or the Universe – however you care to name it – cannot bring us something and its opposite at the same time. We cannot achieve more money and not enough money at the same time.

It is believed that our world is a world of inclusion. It doesn’t matter how we qualify what we are thinking or speaking of, it is simply about the energy of our focus. When we request more money the focus is abundance. When we think about not having enough money the focus is lack. So whatever we are thinking about is what we are creating.

If we are seeing the same thing show up in our lives over and over, it is because we are thinking about the same thing and creating the same thing over and over. But in reality we are always creating, in every minute. The challenge is to break the habit and create a new thought that is more pleasing to us.

Note: If you are interested in reading more about the obstacles that stand in our way, I have a report for you. I have identified nine specific reasons that stand in the way of manifesting our desires and achieving our goals. “Mixed messages” is only one of the nine reasons. Another reason is the emotional depth to which our asking must appear, and another is the consistency of the message or goal. This Nine Reasons Report is available here:

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