New Coaching Program: “From Success to Significance” Monthly Coaching Program based on topical Focus of the Month

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“From Success to Significance” Monthly Coaching Program

You are welcome to join my monthly coaching program with a unique focus each month. We will focus on one critically important idea throughout the month, with daily exercises, a monthly launch focus Tele-Seminar, and a monthly conference call to cover focus-related questions from members submitted by email.  There is also a monthly audio CD mailed to you, and other special offers and surprises each month. The teleconferences occur at different times on different days of the month to accomodate our international client base. You will be notified by email each month of the schedule.

Price is $97 per month, charged to your credit card monthly.   Order Now.


Monthly audio CD

Monthly tele-seminar with replay

Monthly Q & A Conference Call based on emailed questions from members.

PDF file of my book Extreme Thought Makeover™… 37 Days to Maximum Life!

Access to any MP3 files and replays of interviews and video emails.

Transcriptions of all tele-seminars and conference calls.

Extra goodies and offers.

Cancellation Policy:  Cancel at any time unconditionally, and request refund of latest month’s tuition (fee.)

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