Transforming $1,000 into $10,000 Through Charity: Inspired Personal Story from the Book Extreme Thought Makeover

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Dear Dr. Rick,

I would like to share a story about gifting. It has really helped me shift my energy and emotion. Recently I completed a three month contract for a client that had a discretionary bonus clause upon completion. Well, the contract went absolutely as well as could be, perfect, without any obstacles. I actually provided service well beyond what was required, and delivered a final product that far exceeded my client’s expectation. My client was rumoring all along that he would honor the discretionary clause to it’s fullest, which would have resulted in approximately a $10,000 bonus to me at the end.

Well, Dr. Rick, and you might have seen this one coming, when we wrapped up the last detail of the contract, he did not back up his promise. Instead he told a story of how tough it was financially right now, and that he had lost some money in the stock market, and just couldn’t “afford” to pay the full bonus. He opted to give me only ten percent of the bonus, $1,000. I was really hurt, and felt betrayed to a large extent, and manipulated.

I stared at that $1,000 check and could not find positive energy in it. Okay, I understand that $1,000 is a lot of money, and could be celebrated, but unfortunately what it represented to me was that it was $9,000 lacking. I needed to do something to shift my energy around this check. Just then, Day 8 from your program came to mind: Charity. Of course, I would give the money away! So I found two people to give $500 each to who were really, really wanting financial help with purchases very important to them.

Wow, sure enough, the energy about that $1,000 completely shifted, and it is still filling me up with the abundant feeling of the legacy it has. I am thankful that I was able to go through this experience. I am so wonderfully impressed that by following such a simple idea, charity, that I could totally transform my feeling about a bonus from disappointment, betrayal and lack to generosity, love and abundance. That small $1,000 bonus was transformed into two giant $500 gifts. Thank you.

—    Karina Matthews, Madison, Wisconsin

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