Great Exercise Incentive Idea from Ask Dr. Rick comment

Posted by on Nov 9, 2010 in Ask Dr. Rick Q & A | 0 comments

“Dear Dr. Rick,

I just wanted to pass along an inspiration that I got from a good friend.  I love to read and also listen to books on tape.  After turning 40 I have put on a few extra pounds and this friend of mine suggested that I combine my reading with a workout.  I have a good book that I only let myself read when I am biking ( or a book on tape for my 45 minute walk).  This offers me several advantages:  The time goes so fast because I get lost in the book. Usually I bike longer because I am not ready to put down the book.  And, because I don’t let myself read it when I am not biking, it really makes me eager to exercise the next day!
This has been very successful and I haven’t missed a day, now that I am enjoying my book!  It’s a win win situation!”

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