How To Kick the Soda Pop Habit… Inside-Out!

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If you are looking to reduce your soda intake and replace it with water, here is an interesting technique. Usually when we desire to stop a consumption habit like smoking, alcohol, sugar, or fat; we put our focus on what we should not do. It is difficult to stop doing something by putting more focus on it. It just holds your attention more and makes you want it more. The technique I offer here is based on a positive affirmation, and it works by shifting your habit of thought from what you don’twant to what you do want. In this way there is no negative energy involved: no guilt, no obligation, no “should” or “supposed to.”

Here’s how it works: simply write on a piece of paper the phrase “Water is my favorite beverage.” Put this affirmation on your refrigerator. Each time you go to the fridge to get a soda, pause and read your affirmation: “Water is my favorite beverage.” Then grab your water and enjoy it. Do it again and again, each time planting the seed of belief deeper and deeper. At first it will feel odd, or even dishonest, but certainly it is okay to drink soda or juice or coffee even if water is your favorite beverage, right? Keep doing it over and over. You will find that one day you will simply stand in front of the fridge and realize you really do want water right now. It’ll be a great feeling.

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? That’s one of the ways I use to evaluate an idea: if it sounds too simple to work, it is most likely perfect! Genius! You will really enjoy this technique and the ultimate transformation, because there is no guilt or “should” involved. You will not be feeling bad about your behavior, because the technique is not about focusing on what you drink, but instead focusing on building a belief through the habit of thought by affirmation. It will feel good because you can feel successful each time you pause at the refrigerator and state your affirmation. That’s it!

It is simple, easy, and you will love it… especially when the transformation hits you and you realize your behavior has changed. This is how the most permanent of behavior changes occur, from thought first, to habit of thought, to belief… Inside-Out!

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