A Shortcut to Getting Into the Best Shape of Your Life

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Want a shortcut to getting in the best shape of your life? Simple, create a mental path that will accelerate all you do nutritionally and physically. With all major transformations in our lives, the most important first step is mental… creating a new thought, developing it into a habit of thought, and then turning it into a belief. Your world cannot resist what you truly believe.

Here’s what I recommend to be the first step: create an affirmation or “I am…” statement. How about “It’s a good thing I am in the best shape of my life!”  Now use that statement whenever you think about anything nutritionally or physically. When you are thinking about heading out to exercise and you are tired from a long day, say to yourself “It’s a good thing I am in the best shape of my life!” You might laugh a bit at first, but over time it will become more and more believable, and ultimately you will completely transform your thinking and actually become your affirmation.

When you are thinking of a dinner choice, say to yourself, “It’s a good thing I am in the best shape of my life!” See what choice you are then led to. Say it in the morning and see what choice you are led to for breakfast. Say it when you are waiting for an elevator and see if it leads you to the stairs.

It will help you to feel better, walk lighter, stand taller, breathe deeper, eat better, and exercise more and more and more. Try it… I dare you!  Like I mentioned, it feels and sounds a little weird at first, but stick with it. It really works. And it’s fun.

p.s.  I get to work out with my 17 year-old son this afternoon, and keep up with his crazy pace… good thing I am in the best shape of my life!

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