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Letter from the Author

Introduction: Appreciation!

How to Use This Book

Day 0 –  (Bonus Day) Healing Energy: Laugh

Day 1 –  Good Stuff: Positive Images Around the House

Day 2 –  Appreciation: Go on a Rampage!

Day 3 –  A Lifetime of Learning: Audio Education in the Bathroom

Day 4 –  Productivity: Create a Five Things List

Day 5 –  Appreciating Others: Send a Card Daily

Day 6 –  Self-Love: Your Childhood Picture

Day 7 –  Finding New Love: Personal Attributes List

Day 8 –  Charity: Give a Gift Daily

Day 9 –  Affirmations: Posting Positive Messages

Day 10 – Detachment: Toss Something Out

Day 11 – Anonymous Charity: Buy a Meal

Day 12 – Productivity II: Avoid Interruptions

Day 13 – Self-Love II: Admire a Body Part

Day 14 – Wealth Consciousness: A Check from the Universe

Day 15 – Consistency of Thought: Cover Your Ears

Day 16 – Owning Your Thought Sphere: Quiet the Noise

Day 17 – Humanism Over Nationalism: Buy a Mug

Day 18 – Possibilities: Your Last $5

Day 19 – Triggering Positive Energy Unexpectedly:  Reprogram your Ring-Tones

Day 20 – Manifestation: Create a Genie Board

Day 21 – Focus of Thought: Sit in Silence

Day 22 – Parenting with Love: Display a Wallet Picture

Day 23 – Imagination: Create Your Perfect Day

Day 24 – Openness and Learning: Car Audio

Day 25 – Self-Love III: Fill Your Own Tank First

Day 26 – Your Contact Sphere: Create an Up-Lifters List

Day 27 – Love of Humanity: Speaking Words You Want to Hear

Day 28 – Exercise and Fitness: Create a Workout List

Day 29 – Finding the Perfect Career: Create a Life Mission Statement

Day 30 – Mental Programming: Update Your Music

Day 31 – Diet, Nutrition, and Weight Loss: Practice Losing Fear

Day 32 – Alleviating Worry and Living in the Now: Take a Walk

Day 33 – Restoring Your Health: The Infinite Intelligence of Your Body and the True Cause of Disease

Day 34 – Endless Possibilities: Hang a Blank Canvas

Day 35 – Embracing Diversity: Live in a World of Seven Billion Perspectives

Day 36 – Wealth Consciousness II: Allowing in Unlimited Income

Day 37 – Pure Potentiality: Plan a Trip with No Plan

Day 38 – (Bonus Day) Personal Resuscitation: Create a

Mechanism to Move from Discouragement to Hopefulness

End Note … the Beginning

Reflection: Summary of the 37 Lessons

Workbook: Ongoing Activities After the 37 Days

Recommended Resources

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