Recommended Reading List from the Book: Extreme Thought Makeover™

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Bateman, Kody, Promptings, Your Inner Guide to Making a Difference, 2009  (Day 5)

Bryne, Rhonda, The Secret, 2006  (Day 20, 29)

Buscaglia, Leo, Love

Canfield, Jack and Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup for the Soul, 4th Course , 19??“You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore”  (Day 5)

Dallman-Jones, Anthony, Ph.D., Primary Domino Thinking, 19??, (Foreword)

Chopra, Deepak, M.D., The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success  (Day 33, 37)

Dispenza, Dr. Joe,   (Day 33)

Dyer, Dr. Wayne, There Is a Spiritual Solution to Every Question

Emoto, Dr. Masaru, The True Power of Water, Healing and Discovering Ourselves, 2005  (Day 33)

Ferriss, Timothy,  The 4-Hour Workweek, Chapter 7: Interrupting Interruption and the Art of Refusal (Day 12)

Fulghum, Robert, Everything I Needed To Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Guyant, Al, and Shirley Fulton, Manager’s Tough Questions Answer Book,  19??  (Day 38)

Hawkins, Dr. David, Truth vs. Falsehood, page 97 for the Energy of Music Scale  (Day 30)

Hay, Louise, Your Can Heal Your Body,  (Day 33)

Hicks, Jerry and Esther, Ask and It Is Given, 19??  (Day 2, 36)

Nightingale, Earl,   (Day 4)

Schaefer, Rick, M.D., It’s Not Your Fault: The Nine Reasons Report, (Day 38)

Siegel, Bernie, M.D., Love and Health,  (Day 33)

Tolle, Eckhart, Living in the Now (Day 32)

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