Introduction from the book Extreme Thought Makeover™, excerpt

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I have found the secret to a happy and joyful life lies in appreciation. The secret to this program is in learning to master the art of appreciation in every aspect of your life, from the smallest to the grandest.

Bliss comes from the energy of love and appreciation. When we are not blocking that love and appreciation from flowing through us from our non-physical source, from God, from the Universe, from the Angels, from Spirit … we live in harmony and bliss.

Do you notice that there are some days that you feel that truth so clearly? You can smell the flowers, feel the cool breeze and the warm sun, you can taste food more intensely and even appreciate the carpet fibers or grass blades between your toes more. All of your senses are sharpened, and you can pause in the moment to feel and better appreciate all that is around you.

If you have ever fallen in love, you totally know what this feels like. New love allows this to happen every time. I will show you how to fall newly in love with yourself, and with your life, and you will easily experience the heightened awareness of your senses.

The opposite of this bliss is a day where you are truly discouraged. You might get discouraged by one aspect of your life and then the feeling rapidly spreads to other areas and pretty soon you have trouble finding hope in anything. These are the days that you unknowingly focused on the obstacles to love and appreciation flowing through you. You are thinking about the past that you cannot change with regret, or you are thinking about the future you cannot control with worry. Perhaps you are focused on trying to change the behavior of another person and deciding that you could truly be happy if only that other person would do something differently.

Now that we have observed these patterns, let’s retrain ourselves to take control of our happiness and become creators, instead of being responders and reactors. This book will not simply be a description of the life we already know we desire. This book will give you a detailed 37 step pathway to actually get there. This path is best traveled over a period of weeks, and may be best taken multiple times, as you can hear different lessons more clearly at different points in your life. But you will get there if you focus and follow the path.

Most of us know what we want to do, but we don’t always have the observer’s perspective to be able to see clearly where we are falling short. Also, equally important, we usually don’t have the tools to do it. This book contains the tools and the mechanisms that can actually train you in the most wonderful aspect of life: experiencing the freedom of happiness. This book will give you a mechanism to create your own happiness irrespective of your circumstances. Upon completion of this program, your level of happiness will not be dependent upon what is happening around you, but instead you will be able to create and feel at will pure joy emanating from the inside.

None of this is part of our normal learning, not in the school curriculum, public education, news media, or classic parenting education. Some of us have had the gift of an inspiring teacher, coach or parent to bring this to us, but it is more the exception than the rule. We mostly live in an environment where our peers are accepting of the idea that our degree of happiness and unhappiness is outside of our own control, that we are victims of it and not agents in control of it. We hear that the economy is bad, or our bodies will fail, or life is tough, and we incorporate those thoughts and expectations, not realizing that we are actually creating that reality for ourselves by the habit of those thoughts. All of those thoughts are choices for us, we simply choose to go along with what we hear from outside of us. But we have the power to change all that!

I want to help you develop the skills to live in the moment. The key is in taking this very moment, the only one you can ever actually experience, and focusing on something that feels good right now. Choose something that you like, you appreciate, you can feel gratitude about—no matter how small. Do you realize how much better it feels to watch an ant crawl with your child than it does to focus on not knowing where your rent payment is going to come from next month? How much better to taste the meal you are eating right now, to let the flavor and scent fill your mouth and nose and appreciate how abundant this earth is to provide food for us, than it is to think about how your sister might have scolded you recently, and wants you to agree with her about politics or religion or parenting?

It sort of feels like “ignorance is bliss,” doesn’t it? Well, that is the secret. For most people, feeling really good is more about appreciating the goodness in something right now than it is focusing on something in the world news that is discouraging. This is simple wisdom, and probably something you have heard all your life. Your mother probably told you to “count your blessings” as a child. You have probably noticed the power of looking on the bright side. Or that attitude is everything. This wisdom has been around forever. Most of what I teach is how to naturally allow the positive energy to flow through you without blocking it or creating obstacles in your mind to the innate happiness that lies within you.

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