Foreword by “Dr. Zest” from the book: Extreme Thought Makeover™

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Research is summarized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers wherein he mentions numerous times what he titles the “10,000-Hour Rule”—claiming that the key to success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a spe- cific task for a total of around 10,000 hours. He describes the 10,000 hours Bill Gates worked in his field prior to exploding into our lives, as well as personages like Wayne Gretzky, Ma- dame Curie, Mozart, Robert Oppenheimer, and the Beatles! Following on the heels of The Tipping Point, his first book published in 2000, Outliers debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list! Gladwell had received a $1.5 million ad- vance on his first book and, trust me, you do not pull down that kind of cash or shoot to the top of the bestseller list un- less you are onto something.

I woke up at 28! At that moment, it was very obvious that I had been sleepwalking my whole life up to that point. Unfortunately for you, that means you are reading a fore- word by a guy who took over 10,000 days to wake up—not 10,000 hours. I had been very good at appearing to be awake for 28 years, but then, boom. And I mean boom! I woke up. I discovered how powerful thoughts were. Nothing was ever the same.

Fortunately for you, Dr. Rick (he is an M.D.) woke up a lot sooner and has decided to take some of his awake time and write this guide for you. Nobody pays you to develop a program. No one supports you, or even gives a good gol- durn while you are doing it. And, as you will learn, Rick is super smart. He knows there are many ways to get rich and none of them include writing a self-help book. Years of Rick’s time went into the research and development of the Extreme Thought MakeoverTM program—all of which had to happen before he wrote the first line!

Now, ask yourself, “Why would he do that?” I think it im- portant to know an author’s motivations when you are about to invite him into your life. Self-help is about as intimate as you can get. If not, it simply does not work. The reason Rick wrote this book is because he cares. Rick saw so much great potential not being realized. He watched people with such great promise, talent, abilities, intelligence, and compassion going right down the toilet and couldn’t stand it any longer. If nothing can be done, then tsk, tsk—make peace with it, but when you know something can be done, only the cold- hearted can look the other way.

I once knew an old auctioneer who would hold up a rare item and say, “Folks, you have to find one of these before you can buy it. Well, the finding’s been done fer ya.” Once you finish Extreme Thought MakeoverTM … 37 Days to Maximum Life! you will know how to gain control of your life, and manifest what you want. Oh, is that all? No, you will also be awake and empowered to run your show from here on out.

There is a huge advantage to industry and government in having a population of unfulfilled people. They are Drones. Drones to work in the companies. Drones to die in battle. Drones to watch TV. Drones to buy junk they don’t need. Drones to eat crappy snacks that are malnourishing. Drones to run, run, run to accomplish a never-ending line of mean- ingless tasks. Drones to do routine tasks in plants and facto- ries. But it is not your advantage.

Have you become seduced by any of these drone producing habits? Where one day is like any other except for a supposedly new episode of The Young Days of Our Guiding Hospital? If it hasn’t yet begun to bother you, it will get to you. One day you’ll say, Eeek! Is this all there is? Dr. Schaefer has removed all obstacles in your way (by the way, most of them look a lot like you). It is angelic work, and we all should thank him for caring enough to do what it took to develop and share this secret formula.

I predict it won’t be a secret much longer.

— Anthony Dallmann-Jones Ph.D., Marco Island, Florida; author of Primary Domino Thinking, Shadow Children, and The Phoenix Flight Manual.

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