Abstract from the book: Extreme Thought Makeover™

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Simply masterful—some of the best teaching anywhere!

Dr. Rick has assembled ideas and practices to use on a daily basis that are fun, simple and easy to do, which in a short period of time–just 37 days–ignite an internal transformation in the user that is amazing and life changing!

Anyone interested in taking steps to- ward a happier, more fulfilling life can benefit from Extreme Thought Make- overTM. Seasoned students of the power of thought who take daily action will feel a sense of fulfillment in enhancing their personal power; beginners will delight in seeing how quickly improved conditions show up through harnessing the power of directed thinking. The only requirement for anyone is simply … to say Yes!

There is no way you can go through this 37 Day Program and not be affect- ed. Somehow, some way, there will be an exercise that touches you, helps you, expands you, and takes you to a place of greater joy from which you can never re- turn!

The amazing thing here is that there are some absolutely brilliant lessons tucked inside this program that can lead you to weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and even recovery from serious disease. I think this is the greatest medical care cure guide I have ever seen, because it goes way be- yond prevention or cure, it deals with the root cause of disease. That lesson alone is priceless.

This program is a masterful culmina- tion of the best wisdom from modern day inspirational teachers and guides, and from great Masters from the past, and adds the wisdom, creativity and playful- ness of its creator, Dr. Rick.

— Judy Corkle, Life Coach, Lighten Up Coaching, Chicago, Illinois

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