About the Author: from the book Extreme Thought Makeover™

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Rick Schaefer M.D. is an established au- thor and is the creator of Extreme Thought Makeover™ … 37 Days to Maximum Life! He has a life coaching practice, teaching from the principles in his program. Rick also has 19 years experience as a physician in the operating room and running a pain clinic, and 14 years experience studying personal development, success, and the Law of Attraction. He now works at the intersection of those two fields by helping people at the root cause of disease … their thinking. He is the father of three, and makes his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the shore of Lake Michigan.

He can be heard regularly on WISN Radio 1130 AM in Milwaukee. He has been President of the Anesthesia Soci- ety, has taught at the Medical College of Wisconsin, has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on National Public Radio, and has been a featured speaker at regional and national success seminars. He has also appeared on the Lifetime TV Network’s “The Balancing Act.”

Find more at www.rickschaefermd.com and join his email list, enjoy reading his other articles and blogs, and find many other great resources and references.

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