Inspired Personal Story on Detachment: Book Excerpt

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Hi Dr. Rick,

Of all the lessons covered in Extreme Thought Makeover, my favorite is Day 10, Detachment. I loveto de-clutter, I get a charge out of exercising my “throwing away muscles.” There are times I get attached to things that no longer serve me, but when I take a deep breath and actually begin moving through the process, I feel sooooo much better. Detachment takes on many forms; not only does it get rid of “things” just taking up space in my physical environment, it helps me with mental housekeeping as well. If you don’t let go of the old, you can’t make room for the new.

There was a time that it was difficult for me to let go of old outdated inventory from my own business (I design and print T-shirts), but after sorting out the tug of war I seemed to be having about letting go of something that I put my very heart and soul into, I began to see it in a different light—which made the process easier and more delightful. It became clear to me that the recipients of what I let go benefit as much or more from my “detachment” as I do. Not only am I moving stagnant energy which isn’t useful to me, I am opening the door for someone else to acquire something valuable to them that may not have been possible otherwise. This creates a “feel good” energy, a healing energy—a win-win situation for all parties; sending ripples around the world that will bring rewards in ways not yet imagined. The law of circulation in motion.

Detachment is not just a one-time exercise, it is an on-going process. When my energy begins to feel less than vibrant, or when my creativity begins to feel stagnant, or when my physical space begins to feel crowded, I remind myself of Day 10 and know it’s time to exercise my “throwing away muscles” and detach, once again.

Whenever I exercise this very important principle, I am rewarded in ways that I couldn’t have predicted. If you haven’t taken the time to “detach” do it now—you will be surprised by the results.

— Vicki Lynn Thull, Vicki Lynn Spirit Art, Racine, Wisconsin

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