Book Excerpt: Inspired Personal Story from Day 2 Appreciation

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Hi Rick,

I have to comment on Day 2. I was really busy this afternoon—and in all honesty—I thought to myself, “I am a very positive thinking person and I already know what I appreciate in life. This is a little silly and I’m time-crunched, but I’ll get it over with—I promised Rick.”

I am surprised, but very happy to tell you that once I put my pen to paper and got going, I literally could not stop. I went on and on for six pages (three columns each!). I would get stumped for a minute and just one thought or feeling would come to me and that would bring a whole flood of other things to my mind that I really love or appreciate or want to do or see again. I would come to the bottom of a page and think of just one more thing that I truly love. That would start a new page and the wonderful thoughts would flow on.

The exercise made me think of a multitude of little things that give me joy or even just make me smile. It made me realize that just thinking about these things, not even experiencing them, lifted my spirits. It also dawned on me that I don’t spend a lot of time trying to put or keep these things in my life. I enjoy them when they happen, but it is often almost by accident—as I don’t often put them into my day “on purpose.”

Many of them have always been little luxuries … but they don’t have to be. I’m going to change that. What at first seemed like a silly exercise that I was too busy to tend to, really made my day and turned out to be truly enlightening.

— Tiffany Martinez, Marketing Consultant, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Excerpt from Extreme Though

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