Book Excerpt: Inspired Personal Story from Day 10

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Dear Dr. Rick,

I am a teacher, a fitness coach, nutritional counselor, speaker, musician and a perfectionist at heart … or so I thought. So what does this have to do with de-cluttering my house? And detaching from things?

Well … I was once asked by my life coach, who would you be if you took all those things away? I didn’t know where to start because in my mind, that is who I am. The question bugs me to this day, but it is also what gives me inspiration to live with purpose.

So with the utmost ambition to answer this question, I started to unpeel my layers. “Unpeeling your layers” is something you will do for the rest of your life. There is no quick fix, it’s always a journey that keeps getting better and better the more you practice it. That is why it is called “practice” so you can get good at it … just like working out or eating right.

I started detaching from “stuff” around me because that is what I could handle. Day 10 really helped me dig deeper in finding out more about myself than I ever thought I could. I got my boyfriend involved in the detachment process and we started clearing out old clothes to give to Purple Heart and was amazed at how much more space was created! I was thrilled and so was my boyfriend. I couldn’t believe how much crowded space really drains your energy. We did this with the kitchen, vitamins, bathrooms, cars, basement, garage, and I really looked forward to it. It became our time away from noise. Getting rid of “stuff” allowed us to focus less on “stuff” and more on each other, our families, and traveling … which allowed us to live with joy and peace and spread that to other people we interact with.

After I started writing this story, I didn’t realize what an impact this exercise had on my life. But it is now a way of life, clear, uncluttered, and beaming with energy because it’s not being sucked out of me by stuff, and I’m not defined by what I do or what I know. I am defined by how I love others and my ability to share that through example.

If you choose, ask yourself this question, “Who would you be if you took all of your kids, job, passions, hobbies, and things away?”

It’s a great place to start digging …

Always growing,

— Shannon Carney, Owner, Squeeze Studio Fitness, Brookfield, Wisconsin

Excerpt from Extreme Thought Makeover, Rick Schaefer, M.D., RealityIs Press, 2010

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