Book Excerpt: Another Inspired Personal Story from Day 2… Wow!

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Dear Dr. Rick,

My favorite exercise of all your “Days” has always been the Rampage of Appreciation. I wake up appreciating my life each day, and I go on a rampage of appreciation when I’m feeling stressed or in an “off” mood.

One day I was feeling frustrated because expected payment for a completed project had not yet arrived in my mailbox, and I was feeling the pinch. I could feel myself falling into an uncharacteristic place of “lack thinking.” So I went on a rampage. I live from a space of abundant joy and refuse to stay in a lesser state, thus I began to appreciate things like this:

I love my little house in the woods. It’s mine. I am truly fortunate and blessed to have a home. And wow, that coffee tasted especially good this morning. I sure enjoyed standing outside with my coffee as I watched the chickens run around looking for tasty morsels on the ground.

And I love the feel of my cat’s fur, the way she rubs her head into my hand, essentially petting herself. And she writhes in ecstasy as I scratch along her side. And her wonderful purr motor is so loud. I can’t help but relax in the presence of a purring cat!

I get to work from home instead of rushing around and spending hours just getting to and from a workplace. I get to talk to people all over the world and assist them in living their mission. And I get to write. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

The eggs my chickens lay are a daily miracle to me. Every single day when I gather the eggs, I marvel at these delightful gems, each a different shade of brown, and filled with golden goodness. How amazing that I get such fresh eggs and never have to eat the “old stale ones” from the stores. I am truly blessed.

Then I looked at the patio tomato plant and noticed that three tomatoes were beginning to blush—not in embarrassment, but in impending ripeness. It won’t be long before those tasty tomatoes are in a delicious salad. I love cooking and adding a blessing into everything I prepare. I also love it when someone else appreciates what I prepare.

I appreciate my body that does so many tasks without me having to manage them. What a miracle that my heart beats, food digests, and my hair grows without my active involvement. Life is positively miraculous! I’ve been working out more lately and am noticing increased strength and vitality, which motivates me to continue.

And even though it drives me nuts at times, I am truly grateful for the computer. It allows me to connect with people all over the world. It allows me to write my books and stories efficiently. It lets me do research so much more easily than I did back in the days of microfiche and card catalogs.

This is a much better time to be mostly blind, because there are adaptive aids and computer programs to help me hear the screen. Oh, and audio books … I love audios. I am so incredibly grateful for sound recording.

I have so many options open to me in this time and place with the technologies and freedoms available to me. I can think, speak, vote, talk to whomever I wish and steer the course of my own life. I am focused. I am determined. I live to serve. And I am free!

Now there is no room for anything but abundant joy and appreciation.

— Ronda del Boccio, The Story Lady, Lampe, Missouri

Excerpt from Extreme Thought Makeover, Rick Schaefer, M.D., RealityIs Press, 2010,

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