How To Approach Multiple Goals?

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Hello, Dr. Rick…

About 5 days ago, I left my full-time job due to various reasons. One of these reasons is because there are so many things I want to do and achieve in my life. Some of these things include:

1. Travelling the world. Always dreamed of doing this, but never had the time.

2. Going into acting. I always had a passion and love for theatre (plus, it gives me an avenue to explore my “wild” and “creative” side :-)).

3. Get into the best shape of my life. This is mainly so I could more pursue and excel in my passions, which is acting and dancing, but also because I enjoy actually working out. Unfortunately, my sporadic back and neck pains have been somewhat limiting me as to what I can do.

4. Take up dancing. Outside of acting and working out, dance is my other passion.

5. Start doing volunteer work. Helping people actually makes me feel good.

6. Start a business, centered around my passions. Now that I’m “out of work”, I need a way to make some money, so why not make money doing things I enjoy :-)!

With so many goals I planned for myself, I find it difficult to really focus on one goal without thinking about another (or even without thinking about other “things” that pop up in my mind).

My question is, when you have multiple goals, what is the best way to handle them?

David Ho
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