I am thinking I am getting there, and then I have a bad moment

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Dear Dr. Rick,

Let me first say ‘thank you’ for taking the time to email with these thoughtful messages. I love reading them and they really do give me a boost when I am not feeling so positive. They are a nice surprise and keep me going every time I open my mail – I have even printed off a couple and given them to my kids.

Here’s my question: It is very hard to get out of the habit of moaning, complaining being generally negative but I really am trying. I have read Jerry and Esther Hicks book ‘The astonishing power of the emotions’ and use it like a ‘bible’ I really am trying to expand myself, get closer to my inner being and generally get the best out of my life. I thinking I am getting there and then I have a bad moment – losing it with the kids or feeling annoyed about something and for some reason It all seems to have a worse effect on me since I started on this journey and I quickly try to relax and regain a happy feeling but some days I do find it difficult.
How can I get rid of these “bad moments” that pop up?

Kind Regards


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