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Dr Rick’s Blog Moved!

By , December 9, 2017

It’s a New Day

On my new site you are welcome to peek at any of my rantings and ravings. My vision is for each idea there to be potentially uplifting to the reader. All of the content there is just my musings; my joy is to share them with people seeking this kind of hopeful perspective … and silliness.

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What You Think Is What You See

By , March 14, 2012

Do you realize your thoughts impact how you see things. I have a great story to share from the ETM Book Review Conference Call Monday evening.

One of the listeners (I will call her Mary) had been through a Weight Watchers weight loss program and had successfully lost 30 pounds. She was walking through a shopping mall with her husband when out of the corner of her eye she spotted a woman.

Mary said to her husband, “Look over there. There’s a woman wearing the same dress as me and she looks better in it than I do.” Her husband responded, “That is your reflection. That is YOU who looks so good in that dress!”
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Helping Hands

Pay It Forward

By , March 6, 2012

Charity and giving are essential components to happiness. Stretching it even further to anonymous charity will elevate the feeling of joy to a greater level. When an anonymous gift is given, the recipient embraces an awareness that they are being seen, and that they are not alone. Upon acceptance of the gift, they may be inspired to pass it on to someone else in some way. However, the most significant gift is to you, the giver. The feeling of bringing joy to a “stranger” who has absolutely no expectation of this gift, is nearly indescribable. It can only be known through experiencing it, and it can bring about a permanent shift in you: a new way of knowing joyfulness.

Pick a restaurant that you like to go to, preferably with friends, family, or coworkers. The next time you are there, as you are finishing your meal, look around and choose one table to anonymously pay for their meal. Let your instinct be your guide. Perhaps a father with his children, a woman with her elderly mother, or a senior eating alone will catch your eye. The only criterion is that they will finish their meal after you leave the restaurant. After you have chosen your table, contact your server and let them know that you wish to keep this act anonymous. Ask the server to quietly get their bill and put it on your tab, including the tip. If you are with your kids, it is fun to let them participate in the choosing of the table. They will feel charity in it as well.
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Stars from hat

Do You Want a Magical Life? Simply Give It to Yourself

By , March 4, 2012

It seems hard to believe that a little bit more self-love every day can add up to a life filled with the magic of happiness, but it works.  And it is perfectly magical!

Giving yourself love is really easy to do once you understand what it is and then get the hang of it.  So, what is it anyway?  It is making the effort to put your attention on things that please you for the simple reason of feeling that pleasure.  It is not complicated and anyone can do it.  It is a CHOICE.  It is choice that a person makes because they value themselves and know that they deserve to make that choice.

Magically enough, their sense of personal value will increase by practicing this each day.
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The world national flags

Why Don’t We All Have a World Flag Flying?

By , November 7, 2010

I’ve been pondering this question for a week. It keeps coming back up. Seems like it’d be really nice to have a World Flag flying beside the U.S. flag and the Wisconsin flags in this community. You probably know what a big fan I am of Humanism over Nationalism, but yet it’s wonderful to be part of a community. Be cautious to never let that community energy act to exclude anyone else. The world flag is the ultimate in inclusion. Each thread of humanity is represented.

I naturally moved my thought to what it would look like. It feels like the four strands of humanity would all be represented equally: sunrise, midday, sunset and night. That is yellow, white, red and black. What a beautiful flag weaving these colors equally across the fabric… the true fabric of life. Other images come to mind: holding hands, yin and yang, equal exchangeable pieces, etc.
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Rick Schaefer M.D. is an established author and has many articles published on the web.  He is also the author of the Online Training Program:  Extreme Thought Makeover… 37 Days to Maximum Life!  This program is available via the link at the left.  Rick has 19 years experience as a physician in the operating room and running a pain clinic, and has 12 years experience studying personal development, success, and the law of attraction.  He has been President of the Anesthesia Society, has taught at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on National Public Radio, and been a featured speaker at regional and national success seminars.  He is currently a partner consultant to eLocalBiz Marketing and the Medical Director of Clear Nail Institute.

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